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Weston. April 04, 2018


Gonzalo Aguerrevere.




*        He is Master of Science in Mathematics Education from the NOVA Southeastern University and Electrical Engineer from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

*        He has worked as Teacher on the fields of Mathematics, Electronics, and Television.

*        He uses “The Language of Mathematics” tool, and applies “The Constructivism” and “Critical Thinking” principles.

*        He applies RBM “Results Based Management” working for multinational and national private Companies, Universities, Government Institutions, and on the relationship with Chambers of Commerce and Public Organizations.

*        He has experience coordinating and operating activities as Manager and/or Professional Engineer on Telecommunications, with experiences on the entire radioelectric spectrum from DC to GHz, designing and/or operating television broadcast systems, microwave networks, antennas, trunking systems, Tx and Rx power support, office and home power networks,

*        He is Trilingual: Spanish, English and German.

Married. USA Citizen. Venezuelan origin.

      (A): 16300 Golf Club Road, apt 305. Weston, FL 33326. USA.

      (C): (786) 709 8865

      (E): gonzaloaguerrevere@gmail.com




*      NOVA Southeastern University. Master of Science in Mathematics Education, with a GPA of 3.91/4.00. 2009. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314.

*      Bundesminister für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit (Ministry For Basic Science Development) of the Federal Republic of Germany. "Berufliche Aus- und Fortbildung auf dem gebiet der Farbfernsehtechnik (PAL-System)" (“Diploma Specialized Instruction and Training on Color Television PAL-System”). 1971. Bonn, Germany.

*      Universidad Central de Venezuela. Ingeniero Electricista. 1970. Caracas, Venezuela.




*      January 2007 – Present. Miami Dade College. Faculty, Mathematics’ Professor on MAT 1033, MGF 1106, MAT 0022C, MAT 0028, MAT 0018, and MAT 0029. MDC West Campus, Doral, Florida.

*      September 2014 – Present. Millennia Atlantic University. Faculty, Mathematics’ Professor on MAT 101, and MAT 102. Doral, Florida.

*      January 2014 – Present. Keiser University. Faculty, Mathematics’ Professor on MAT 0020. Pembroke Pines Campus. Florida.

*      November 2010 – Present. Ana G. Mendez University System. Faculty, Mathematics’ Professor on MATH 111, MATH 112, MATH 121, MATH 200, QUME101, HESC360, HESC500. AGMUS South Florida Campus. Miramar, Florida.

*      May 2011 – January 2015. University of Phoenix. Faculty, Mathematics’ Professor on MTH 208, and MTH 209. UOPX South Florida Campus. Miramar, Florida.

*      May 2006 – December 2011. WiMesh Solutions, LLC. Consulting on Telecommunications and IT Management. Doral, Florida.

*      July 2005 – May 2006. UNITEK Latin America, Inc. Sales Manager, configure and fulfillment on UPS and power solutions. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

*      April 1999 – March 2005. Tallard Technologies, Inc. Regional Manager, design and fulfillment of PABX systems, Lucent, AVAYA and other brands, supporting business partners in the VECCA (Venezuela, Ecuador, Caribe and Central America) region. Doral, Florida.

*      February 1986 – April 1999. OFAIN, S.A., Oficina Aguerrevere Ingenieros Consultores, S.A.  Consultancy and leading projects as: Cadena Venezolana de Televisión, CA, renewal plan for the operations and transmissions infrastructure; Arch Comunicaciones, engineering and support to get the permissions for a two way Beeper Service in Venezuela; Centro Médico de Caracas, project of the electrical feeders for this Hospital; Radio Sensación, expertise on the radiation pattern of its AM broadcast station; CA La Electricidad de Caracas, project of a trunking system for the 17 Venezuelan’s largest cities; Seguros la Seguridad, project of the electrical installations for 12 branch offices. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      October 1988 – February 1994. SIEMENS, S.A. Manager of the Technical Service Department of the Private Communications Department; and Manager of Engineering in the same Department. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      March 1983 – September 1988 VIDEODACTA, C.A. Engineering Manager designing, configuring and executing solutions for Communications, Television, Audiovisual applications, and Education Infrastructures. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      May 1981 – February 1983. Organización Diego Cisneros. Technical Service Manager for NCR Summa Sistema, S.A. implementing the technical service policies dictated by NCR (Dayton, Ohio, USA). Subsequently transferred within the same Corporate Group to VENEVISIÓN, S.A. as Field Engineer. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      April 1974 – May 1981. Universidad Simón Bolívar. Chief Engineer of the Audiovisual Department, in charge of planning and operations of production infrastructure and audiovisual services for this University; and Professor of Television and Advisor on Capstone works in the Department of Electronic Engineering. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      October 1972 – March 1974. Cadena Venezolana de Televisión, S.A. Ingeniero de Mantenimiento Electrónico. Caracas, Venezuela.




*      Senior Member of the “IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers” (Nr. 5.750.724). Miami, USA.

*      HOLDER of the Patent “Un procedimiento de barrido diagonal de una imagen televisiva o Televisión Diagonal”. 1982. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      Member of the “CIV, Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela” Venezuelan Association of Engineers (Nr. 8.919). Caracas, Venezuela.

*      President of the Maintenance Program of FUNDEI Fundación Education Industria, a Committee of the Venezuelan Confederacy of Industrials (CONINDUSTRIA). 1990-94 and 95-97. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      MEMBER OF THE JURY that awarded the 1995 Technological Investigation Award for CONICIT, the Venezuelan Council for Scientific Investigations. Caracas, Venezuela.

*      Three publications and Professor Tutor of 16 “Trabajos de Grados” (Cap Stone) at the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela.