In today's educational landscape, career services professionals must help diverse student populations navigate through a complex, highly competitive labor market. This group is for career services personnel who wish to discuss and hone the skills necessary to help students become gainfully employed in a 21st century economy. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters | Origin: CS102 | New comment by robert smith

Never realized the importance of a cover letter.

Targeted Job Search | Origin: CS102 | New comment by robert smith

Branding yourself is important.  You have a product to sell, yourself.  Remember that 50% of the jobs are "hidden".  Teach students to dig for the job they want.

Preparing to Help Students | Origin: CS112 | New comment by Denise Hollenbach

To treat the resume document as a quartered piece by placing most important info, i.e. skills, certifications, and education in quarter 1 or left hand top corner, and work experience in bottom left...

Measuring Your Career Success | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Esther Troyer

follow up is important for a number of reasons - data can be used to improve programming, increase communication/networking with employer stakeholders, build program success, make use of former...

Projects for Your Students | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Esther Troyer

It is important for students to not only preparing for the job seeking process but to also be prepared to discuss future promotion opportunities and negotiate for possible raises/benefits.

Your Career Services | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Esther Troyer

It's important to involve stakeholders in the wide variety of services needed for students - making those connections for internship/externships, building job readiness skills, involvement in...

Overview of Your Career Services Department | Origin: CS101 | New comment by Esther Troyer

Posting the mission statement not only helps students to understand the purpose but is a great reminder for staff as well.  It is too easy to get sidetracked by the variety of demands from the...

Interviewing 101 | Origin: CS120 | New comment by Veronica Ortiz

I especially liked  the questions: What is the career path for people who take this job?  I added that one to my list. I was feamiliar with most of the othre questions.

Employment Verification Program Implementation | Origin: CS202 | New comment by Barbara Hawkins

Clear communication and establishing expectations with the students/stakeholders/ employers  in the beginning is important. Also it is everyone responsibility to participate in the continuous...

Employment Verification Program Components | Origin: CS202 | New comment by Barbara Hawkins

There should be a clear and  defined  set of requirements and parameters used to capture data to be collected leaving  no room for personal interpretation.  Data collection...