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Prevention and Education | Origin: CM140 | New comment by Angela Arocha

The information on Consent was interesting and how it differs per state. The statistics on College Students and Date Violence was very shocking and sad.  We need to do more to make students...

Investigations and Disciplinary Procedures | Origin: CM140 | New comment by Angela Arocha

It was interesting to learn that a Title IX/VAWA complaint does not need to be reported to the police but it must be investigated by Title IX coordinator.  You should encourage the Victim to...

Reporting and Response | Origin: CM140 | New comment by Angela Arocha

The Title IX Coordinator needs to be a person who has a leadership role and is trustworthy, especially when it comes to confidentiality.  They need to have knowledge on how to handle victims of...

Overview of Title IX and VAWA | Origin: CM140 | New comment by Angela Arocha

Reply to Harold Ortiz's post: I agree with Harold's comment on the Title IX training, this was very detailed and informative.  It was also interesting to learn about VAWA and how it relates to...

Legal Obligations and Opportunities | Origin: CM251 | New comment by Carol Cournoyer

Accomodations are important for those who qualify for them according to the ADA guidelines.  It is important to remember that reasonable accomodations in a reasonable time frame.  

Benefits of Ongoing Admissions Training | Origin: CM221 | New comment by Yanithe L Vincent

It is important to only give potential students the facts about the school and its program and not personal opinion. The staff musk be knowledgeable about everything relate with the institution. The...

The Admissions Process and Paperwork | Origin: CM201 | New comment by Sandra Rosario

The best way to keep the infornation acurate.

Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201 | New comment by Sandra Rosario

THis is being opportuny to learn the policy and rules.

Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201 | New comment by Ryan Clement

My key take-a-way was understanding the different rules and regulations regarding admissions that exist between states.

Understanding Your Institution | Origin: CM201 | New comment by Giselle Rios Ocasio

I learned from this lesson the importance of knowing the programs offered by the institution as well as the marketing strategies to promote enrollment in potential students.