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FERPA has taught me the importance of student privacy, and that a lot of information about a student cannot be disclosed. There is also a difference in educational and directory information.

This was very informative. It gave me more knowledge on how at institution have many rules you must comply with that can help along the way when becoming apart of the administrative staff. 

You must stay compliant at all times

In this section I learned how to stay informed and get updated information from the Florida CIE site

Providing accommodation to students with disabilities is very helpful not only for providing access but also for promoting student success.

I learned the different types of advertising and the importance of knowing what is being advertised for my institution 

In this module I learned that it is important to be familiar with all admissions documents as well as have a checklist so you don't miss any steps 

This module is very insightful. As an instructor, it gave me a lot of things to think about or consider specially students with learning disability. Do not always assume that the student is a slow learner. Try to address other factors such as stress level and many others that inhibits the students' learning ability.

Hello, this is my first position as an admissions representative, This module taught me that training is essential to make sure i stay in line with policies and guide lines. Using the correct terminology is very important as well 

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