Since decades, movies, fictional books and futurists have been fascinating us. This has influenced our minds so much that even when someone discusses artificial intelligence, our mind wanders to robots and their functions. Some educators also believe that one-day robots are going to take over the education industry. However, they may be right to some extent.

While we are centuries away from seeing walking and talking machines in the classrooms, artificial intelligence can be spotted in multiple educational sectors. For instance, an automatic grading system, intelligent tutoring system, smart content, virtual facilities and many more. After all, these projects are working towards making learning easy and accessible to students.

So, let us explore ways in which artificial intelligence is helping students learn.

1.    AI Integrated Software Adapts to Student’s Need

From kindergarten to high school, every institute offers the same learning materials for the entire class. There is no concept of a student-centric learning environment where a learner’s expectations and requirements are prioritised.

However, with the integration of artificial intelligence in educational software, individualised learning is becoming a new norm. Students are able to set the complexity of the lessons according to their ability and learn at their desired pace. Teachers are no more restricted to teach predefined content and there is freedom for learning for all.

2.    AI Processed Feedback

Today, AI systems are not limited to offer custom-tailored content or assign tasks to a similar group of students. But, it can provide efficient feedback in a matter of minutes. Most of the schools in developed nations have already been using such systems to monitor the progress of their pupils and evaluate their performance. It also has the ability to alert teachers if there is a significant decrease in their productivity.

Moreover, these AI systems can direct users for further guidance and support depending on how well they are performing. They are not only giving feedback on individual courses but evaluate multiple courses.

3.    AI Offers Judgment-Free Learning Space

Most of the students fear to face their teacher right after taking a test or submitting a complex assignment. Why? Because the trial and error method is daunting for them as it either ends in punishment or appreciation and no way in between.

To save learners from this stress, AI offers a judgment-free environment where there are no actual judges to evaluate their performances. Furthermore, there are assignment help online tutors available to help them in case they need improvement. With their high-order thinking and creativity, they are deemed to leave the traditional teaching methods and techniques behind.

4.    AI Alters the Way Information Is Presented

If we talk about the search engines present on the internet, they too are using artificial intelligence to show relevant information. However, it is something of the least importance that goes unnoticed each day. Just like this, there are several other cases where AI is effectively playing its role in both, personal and academic life.

Presently, AI-based systems are continuously in the state of development, changing how students find and interact with information. There has been an integration of the newest technologies to ensure future researchers can conduct researches and look up facts and statistics with ease. 

Making Education Global

With the advancement in technology, students can now connect with their fellow students and teachers despite their locations. For instance, if someone is unable to attend school due to different reasons, they can still attend classes virtually with the help of artificial intelligence. Moreover, these systems make it possible for children in rural areas to access high-quality education at reasonable rates. The main purpose is to spread education worldwide and provide equal opportunities to learners of all levels.

In the end, while artificial intelligence seems like an invention from the next generation, it has drastically evolved the educational industry. The individualised learning method has allowed learners to do their homework and learn from home and use AI tutors in case they get stuck somewhere. Even though there might be some shortcomings, but this industry will only grow with time.

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