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It is important to use a phased approach in orienting and training new faculty and to ensure that state regulatory and accreditation rules are met

It is important to consider academic credentials, regulations, and real-world experience when hiring faculty

Marketing stratagies and 10% rule. Will make me more conscience of the day to day operations of our school.


Pre-planning for additional growth, adequate space needs consideration. Utilizing current classrooms. Adding more flexible class times,

Building a Library wi all forms...

The exit interview is good and will help in the process of seeking employment, and encouraging success. 



Great information! More interviews and activities will strenghthen the students commitment in the field. 


The Five Year Plan will strengthen and solidify the future for our school and the workforce in our state. It shows how to anticipate changes for the needs of our school students...

5 years plan make the difference. 


Informal and formal orientations are usually the best way to get a new hire familiar with the institutions. 


The multiple hurdle strategy is an important part of the hiring process. 


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