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Very similar to practices learned in organizational behavior. 

Think clearly! The more logically one thinks, the less likely they take other people's word on issues as evidence of truth.

We are all creative! It's important to find a smaller issue to reason through within the larger problem.  Reason through a problem before making a final decision. 

To solve a problem effectively, one must define the problem and get to it's root cause first. Depend on facts and not assumptions. 

Knowing the end results, and identifying specific areas that need to be met to meet said result, is a great approach. 

Always beneficial to work strategically versus from a hunch or status quo. 

Always an advantage to identifying the problem, gather facts from all involved, discussing the issues, finding alignment on course of action, and excuting to resolve as a team. 

I found this course to be very helpful while considering my upcoming tasks that will hopefully allow me to discover the best solutions to achieve our deadlines.

It is good to get all kinds of ideas out even wild ideas. It is nice when all ideas are considered and not immediately discarded or thrown out before you can even finish it....

I thought this course was intersting. I offered several techniques for getting the best solutions, not just the easiest.

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