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I think it is best to set the example you want others to fullow.  Be organized and attentive to you employees

my best advice is making sure to be organized. always focus on the things that can be changed instead of the problems that are out of your control.

Good info. Managers/Supervisors should set a high standards and goals in the work place at all times.

Found info very helpful. Bosses need to set a ethical standard in the work place and employees will follow. 

This is a good reminder of the fact there is good stress. It is good to focus on the things you can change and ways to help reduce your stress. The plan is to continue to take...

Good and bad, change jobs, change life.

Summary of this is to be the leader you would want to follow.

 A very good training. Thank you.

I need more positive stress.  I also need to shift to a different task more often to avoid burn out.

Ultimately implementing more focus and direction and communication will help obtain the goal of more efficient time managment. 

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