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I agree that the concept of critical thinking is important for advancing an educational institution into the future.  I also recognize that it is not something that is...

This was great  and so much knowledge for me to using for teaching!

I have learned so much about being a better team member and how i can be more productive.

This module taught me the differences between project managers, project sponsors, and project team leaders.  Project sponsors act as the liaison between senior management...

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the great information

it is important to ask employees to be a part of the process and invite them in. It is also important to make it more informal but more frequent as take advantage of when opportunities...

Be able to listen all ideas from the different departments or coworkers, in order to development new projects which make win-win.  


Helpful information to see how effective leadership through organizational changegs, involves staff autonomy, engegment and motivation.

From this i was able to take the different styles out. I will try to use them with my manager when an issue arrises and see if we can communicate better in our team. 

A good leader needs to be able to build and lead teams using the important principles taught in this course.  I have learned different methods for team collaboration and...

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