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guest speakers to supplement course

Structural integrity and navigation simplicity set us up for success

Communications and trades is very important to a self employed trades person or employee trades person. Communication can prevent injuries in the shop, productivity increases,...

Technology and online learning is a upgraded approach to learning trade skills. This adds more value to practical learning, which increases problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

Contextual learning is a needed skill and lesson to a trades skills online program. It's other context that add understanding other than the trade skill being taught. For example,...

Synchronous online teaching will be advantageous to teaching

This lesson on Teaching Skills and Trades online is very interesting. Create curiosity in your lesson and teaching for your students is one of many great ways to keep the lesson...

Navigating through the modules with ease and easy navigation through the simulations are a great bonus!

Asynchronous learning does pose challenges with student engagement, however, it provides much flexibility for students who lead full and busy lives. 


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