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Use activities that will challenge students to think and apply learned information.


I have used some visual notes before but I think I need to use it more often during things like the terminology.


The importance of adaptation to different learning styles

I will use the 60 second assessment, as maybe an icebreaker at the start of class.  This will allow students to have an advantage and maybe improve their ability to pass. 

Additional learning styles. and techniques to improve the learning process for students.  All styles are useful to determine the best learning process for each student.

Adaptation of the learning styles of students can improve outcomes.   Kinesthetic, Integer & Loner techniques can be a part of the learning process, based on analysis...

Adult brain can only engaged in the first 20 minutes.


Good activities to help engage learners.

Using several style of teachinf helps create an interesting and more involved classroom experience 


Not all students thrive in groups and have some fear or anxiety around large groups of people they are unfamiliar with. Alternating between fun group and individual work helps...

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