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Some learning styles will benefit more from certain ways of teaching than others.

Must have reasons and goals for using a tablet in the classroom or mis use could come.


Tablets in the classroom can still be distracting


Younger students view their phones and tablets as extensions of themselves, not learning tools.


Tablets can be an effective classroom teaching tool if used correctly and not as a novelty.


Being able to utilize technology can enhance the learning experience of students and make the job of educatoirs easier.

alot of insight on incorporating technology into the classrooms. Great for keeping students engaged.


The more platforms students get engaged with the more positive results in learning. I will add more social media to help students pass.

The more social platforms students utilize, will help them and instructors get more enthusiastic about learning more. I will add more different types of media to keep them engaged...

Technology is being used by a lot of students to help get more information, and it will be very useful for teachers to keep  students engaged .

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