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Set goals are very important when it comes to gamification. 

Give students a defined syllabus of what they are learning for that lecture, and help students with security by being supportive.

Reply to Phyllis Harris's post: The value of student empowerment is important to keep the students invested in their educaation

Showing students that you genuinely care about their learning makes such a difference in how they approach a class.

I enjoyed the REFOCUS tool as a way to get out of the slumps both instructors, students experience now and then.

Being creative in the classroom helps break the monotony of the class, making it more enjoyable for both the instructor and students.

Understanding that students have differences in their life experiences, which will impact their learning.

Engage and inspire.

Focus on the students. Know why they are enrolled in the course. Adult learners have an attention span of 10-15 minutes. Make lessons engaging by altering lecture and activities.

Student directed learning. Adult learners have various skills and experiences. Encouragement and acknowledging achievement fosters student motivation and success in reaching...

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