Comment on: Dealing with Stress | originally posted by Christine Apicella

One of the ways I cope with stress is by taking ballroom dance classes.  I have a standing weekly class in my calendar.  There are some times when the day gets away from me and I think, "If I cancel my dance class, then I'll have more time to do ___________________."  And sometimes I actually used to cancel them and end up being more stressed and frustrated.  Now that I keep my weekly dance class, I find that it's a fantastic stress reliever for many reasons.

First, not only is it exercise, it's fun exercise.  They play great music and I'm not stuck walking on a treadmill.

Second, the instructors are very friendly and funny so even after a really bad day, they can make me laugh and forget about the outside world for an hour.

Third, once I started going regularly, I started making friends.  So now my one hour dance class can sometimes turn into going out for coffee with a few other people afterwards so I now have a social network to share things with.

Stress relief doesn't have to be serious!