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I have been an adjunct college instructor for 10+ years, 15 years of doing some form of corperate training, and have over 22 years of experience in IT.  I have a vary diverse work history.  Feel free to check out my linked in page.


Individual educational plan through ADA | New comment by Daniel Johnson

I think that may depend on what college or institution you are at.  I know that the two state public colleges I have taught at recently both used IEPs.  I had a student with an IEP in my ...


First day of class | New blog by Daniel Johnson

The first day of class, I first relate several key facts about my past starting at my college days in the late 80's, and then quickly run through my diverse work history since college the first time.&...


internal motivation | New comment by Daniel Johnson

I remember my time as an adult learner when I decided to go back to college to get a B.S. in Networking and Security to further myself in my chosen career field after being away from college for 8...


Enhance teaching style | New comment by Daniel Johnson

My teaching style really varies based on the type of class I am teaching.  If it is a survey or lecture based class without any hands on labs, I tend still stop every few minutes and try to show...


Value of Course | New comment by Daniel Johnson

I have been teaching at the university level at 4 different institutions for over 10 years and have mostly taught at night. But I realized early on the huge difference when teaching adult learners...