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Be Positive! | New comment by Anne Clancy

I agree. People want to be in involved with a positive happy environment and can sense if the environment is negaitive or positive. 

Fighting | New comment by Michael Pair

No one is perfect, We all have our fults. Stress makes us all do things we would not usealy do. with that said No fighting is exceptable, and should have some kind of recourse. Time away, grade drop,...

Be Positive! | New comment by Charles E. KING

Greetings. We have to know how to explain to people HOW to be positive, but most iportantly WHY. Once a person understads the rational behind being positive and the effect negative thinking has on ...

Be Positive! | New blog by Donna Chen

If you try to consistantly be as positive as you can with everyone, it will radiate.

Retention | New comment by Vera Hall

Group work is good, however, I find that there are people in the group that ride on the work of others.  At other times I notice that there is one person in the group that takes...

Tyrus M.White Sr. | New blog by Tyrus White

I would like to say thank you Dr. Poe for this unique tool to use for to better understand and to better to help with Class work and students.

Tyrus White Sr. | New blog by Tyrus White

This Plan of action is help Teacher and to assis in the learning prosces of the student be more produtive in class in out .

Tyrus White Sr. | New discussion by Tyrus White

I found out that if one person don,t agree to the normal operation of how life or a matter of life they will not go with the flow which cause negative action.

Tyrus M.White Sr. | New blog by Tyrus White

This is a great tool for all staff member as well as Teacher. They can use it for all thier class work and exam. Utilization of this tool would help define all the student that need help as well as th...

negativity | New blog by FERDINAND URMAZA

Now I know it takes 11 positive people to overcome 1 negative person. This just shows how powerful negativity is to ruin someone's day. From now on, it is nice to be always positive.