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Be Nice | New blog by Cricki Morrissey

You can never go wrong being nice to others!

Retention | New comment by Aileen Paez

I agree with a lot that is on here. although i think we are all familiar with what our retention problems are, we as a staff have to be comitted to the student and be on the same page. There are...

Use of skills | New blog by Debra Venvertloh

Will put this into use immediatley when dealing with studnets and found the iseads and suggestion to be very helpful

Orientation | New blog by Amanda Kasten

Currently we introduce several members of the team during orientation, however creating amore interactive orientation will be a fun way to change the status quo during that important first day.

Be Positive! | New comment by Kim McCormick

Agreed.  We are here to serve the student and we are not successful until each of them are successful.  You can not pour from an empty cup and it takes are pretty big cup to serv e our cu...

Reviewing and Modifying Retention Plan | New blog by Yvonne Silva

This course has opened my views to review our current plan and improve upon it.

Touching Base | New blog by Yvonne Silva

I have noticed that sending a weekly text to students wishing them a good day has opened up the student's communication with administrators and seeking more assistance when needed.

Be Positive! | New comment by Anne Clancy

I agree. People want to be in involved with a positive happy environment and can sense if the environment is negaitive or positive. 

Fighting | New comment by Michael Pair

No one is perfect, We all have our fults. Stress makes us all do things we would not usealy do. with that said No fighting is exceptable, and should have some kind of recourse. Time away, grade drop,...

Be Positive! | New comment by Charles E. KING

Greetings. We have to know how to explain to people HOW to be positive, but most iportantly WHY. Once a person understads the rational behind being positive and the effect negative thinking has on ...