In today's educational landscape, career services professionals must help diverse student populations navigate through a complex, highly competitive labor market. This group is for career services personnel who wish to discuss and hone the skills necessary to help students become gainfully employed in a 21st century economy. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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Career Services PLN | New comment by Debbi McIntyre

Hi Elizabeth,

I think this is a great idea!  I look forward to participating.

Kind Regards,

Debbi McIntyre

Senior Career Services Manager,

Sullivan and ...


Career Services PLN | New blog by Elizabeth Mimms

Hello-   Would anyone be interested in forming a PLN for online career counselors on The Educator's PLN (  While I find most information universal, ther is a disti...

Effectively Implementing Career Development Workshops Within the Classrooms | New comment by Ryan Parks

Hi Ny'Kole, Thank you for sharing!  I really like your 3 areas.  Do you work for a for-profit institution where placement percentages are important to maintain by the accreditation?...

Collecting Employment Data | New comment by Ryan Parks

Greetings everyone! Thanks for responded Michele.  Sorry for my delayed response.  We work in similar work environments.  I am also taking the CS202 course for the first time. I work...

Effective CSA Dept. | New comment by Elizabeth Mimms

I am in the process of creating a visible list of employers, as well as job titles, graduates report and entitling "Who Hires Our Grads"?  Working for a 100% online institution, it is importan...

Effective CSA Dept. | New blog by Denise Hollenbach

The Career Services Department impacts the entire institution. From the moment a student walks through the door - the entire faculty and staff including Career Services Advisors are responsible for co...

Perspective | New comment by Mercedes Inciarte

This course is a great strength, updates and gives us the information we need to be able to exercise a more relevant function

Career Services Department impacts the entire institution | New discussion by Mercedes Inciarte

Very true, the Career Services Department impacts the entire institution. It influences its institutional relevance and its link with the productive sector

Former ACICS career services professsional | New blog by Melinda Jeffery

After being with ACICS, I felt it necessary to review the CS procedures to ensure that I understood compliance correctly.  This was a good refresher course and I would recommend it for anyone reg...

Strategic Placement | New blog by NyKole Hines

I have found in my experience that Career Services should position itself in three places. This was definitely reinforced by the information in this training module. Admissions – Have the adm...