The Financial Aid Performance Group is for professionals involved in student financial aid to come together to discuss challenges, solutions, trends and hot topics related to financial aid.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance.   



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financial aid posters | New comment by Anthony Puccio

Great question! I ran into that issue a few years ago and luckily found DOE approved material. Here are the links: This takes you to the government website. Located under the first paragaph of...

Financial Aid Training | New comment by Anthony Puccio

The best training would come hands on from a seasoned financial aid officer. I find that the online trainings are great but the years of experience and situational knowledge is something that cannot...

Turning Ideas Into Action | New blog by Brooke Pillsbury

Welcome kits with information re: FA, forms, and repayment, Reference check and celebratory announcements, and Offering concise information, and repetitive contact, for maximum success. There w...

Default course | New blog by Rhonda James

Informative Session

Financial Aid Training | New comment by Mary Yoon

For training on Title IV, there is e-training available for free at www. You simply need to register for a username.   There are also regional workshops made available...

Financial Aid Training | New comment by Katherine Rolon

Great Lakes provides free training webinars on their website. I have found them to be very resourceful during down time. 

financial aid posters | New discussion by Karina Nunez

Where can the school get financial aid posters?

F230 | New comment by Manuel Robayna

I enjoy reading the information and I learned a few things that were not clear for me and my team. I also think all departments must be prepared constantly according to the law and the federal regu...

Financial Aid Training | New comment by Laura Bedford

May I suggest the FSA Conference in Late November, Early December each year?  It's great to learn everything directly from the Feds.

Financial Aid Training | New discussion by Marc Thurn

What would be the best resource for Financial Aid Training?