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FERPA | New comment by Yvette Prior

I am also grateful for the privacy policies we follow - we have a come a long way with ethical procedures in many areas and protecting student's rights feels good!


Information for share | New comment by Zuleyma Loggiodice

It is an important part of the admission requirements, inform the applicant of what is required to achieve their goal.


Special considerations | New comment by Zuleyma Loggiodice

     You may be asked at the time of applying to the university if he/she has a disability and what type to make the necessary arrangements to help his/her.

Compliant Communications with Students - Raising the Bar! | New comment by Yvette Prior

I agree - great info and so applicable   

FERPA | New comment by Aileen Paez

I realized that as a health care provider I am so cognizant of HIPAA,but was not as diligent with FERPA. I agree everyone should be asked to take this course

CM102 | New blog by Lissette Nunez de Villavicenc

The information provided in the online course was precise and succinct. As an administrator that interacts with all facts of the institution the information I reviewed and/or learned will definitely b...

Special considerations | New discussion by Lorena Samuel

There are students with dusabilities not easy to idrntify. How to proceed with those cases if the student is not openly sharing?

FERPA | New comment by Henry Olivera

Completely agree

FERPA | New comment by Phil Finch

I agree that we all need to know this information.  I was not well informed.  Now, I will keep my mouth shut.  At most, I will refer questions asked directly of me to those who are...

Course Completion | New blog by Adrian Rios

This course provided a detailed comprehensive education in regards to student enrollment and campus integrity. What an instructor, administrator and all other departments of what they can say and...