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students with learning disabilities and ADHD. | New comment by Susan Morantes

I agree. We are also a vocational school that works mainly with students with disabilities.  Small classes and visual instruction are key.

INTEGRITY | New blog by Laura Phillips

In all interactions with prospective and current students, as well as graduates, act with integrity and provide information/responses that are in line with our student handbook. I refer to the handboo...

For Profits - Very Informative | New discussion by Clifton Emison

This lession provided a very good overview of for profit colleges.  I found it extremely informative. Mr. Emison

FERPA | New comment by Professor Martinez

I agree.  I would go so far as saying every university/college administrator should have a basic understanding of FERPA, perhaps in the form of an unboarding compliance course at the time of...

Very Informative | New comment by Professor Martinez

Yes, the presentation format of the course provides multiple, interactive opportunities for learning.

FERPA | New comment by Merle Point-Johnson

I also believe that communication should be consistent and all employees should take the course. Much of the violations seem to be attributed to a lack of knowledge, so the course would certainly be...

Special considerations | New comment by Suzanne Scales

Students - just like anyone- have a right to privacy.  As someone with a non-visible disability, I find it easy to relate and respect.  There is no sense in prying on any medical...

FERPA | New comment by Regina Quarterman

I agree everyone should be asked to take this course. I have taken other webnair concerning FERPA and this was a more detailed. I can say just with this section I have learned something I was not...

FERPA | New comment by Judith Dordoye

Absolutely right.  Everyone should take that course.  The more you know about FERPA, the service offered at the school will be greater.  

FERPA | New comment by Yvette Prior

I am also grateful for the privacy policies we follow - we have a come a long way with ethical procedures in many areas and protecting student's rights feels good!