In an increasingly competitive and highly regulated environment, admissions personnel must achieve the highest standard of performance to succeed. They must foster an environment of trust and maintain a customer-first attitude. This group is for admissions personnel who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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e brainstorming | New blog by Irene Petery

I do like this idea. some people monopolize meetings or say nothing at all.

Alternative Resources when Enrollment is Slow | New comment by Art Sarasua

i agree, Marketing is essential to gather new enrollments!

Prospects who want information but give out fake numbers and emails. | New comment by Clurissa Pigon

If I can't reach someone due to bad contact info, I will sometimes reach out to their emergancy contact. They usually know what the situation is or why you are having trouble getting ahold of them....

Cold Calling from thousands of miles away | New discussion by Clurissa Pigon

I work within a company that is world wide. I'm based out of Florida, but a majority of the time I'm working with people in other states. So, coming in for an appointment is not an option.  There...

Generations-Learning Styles | New comment by Russell McClure

Excellent observation, learning styles and communication preferences vary with each genaration. These issues are important in the working environment but we also must be aware that the styles cut...

Alternative Resources when Enrollment is Slow | New comment by Susan Morantes

Marketing is key.  A budget should be set and considered an important factor.  Many times marketing falls on one person and is not effective due to the minimum exposures that 1 person can...

Prospects who want information but give out fake numbers and emails. | New comment by Russell McClure

Maria, I agree that it is more difficult when someone inquires and then all of a sudden they are not interested. However, sometimes the prospect may say "not right now" and that could be because...

Effective Listening and Reflecting | New comment by Ike Glasgow

need to listen to what isnt said

What about a baby boomer X gen | New comment by Susan Morantes

I agree.  I am also a baby boomer and most communication in the past was conducted either in person or by phone.  With the ease of email, it has reduced reliance on these other methods of...

Approach | New comment by Dianne Duffy

Availability and times of reaching out to fit the student's schedule