The Ohio Compliance Performance Group is for dedicated postsecondary education professionals in Ohio to come together to discuss challenges, solutions, trends and hot topics related to Compliance to Ohio regulations governing career colleges and schools.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Honesty is key! | New blog by Chantal Stanyer

A good rule of thumb when it comes to Admissions is to put yourself in the student's shoes.  If I was looking to enroll in a school program, I would want to hear factual information about the sch...


Reflection and Action Plan | New blog by Christy Holder

As an agent, we are viewed by perspective students as an authority and expert.  Best practices entail always being honest. The student and their success is the number one priority.  It is my...

Changing Lives | New blog by Daniel Marshall

As Admissions reps, it is our duty to make sure that we are operating with integrity during every interaction with our students

Being accurate and truthful is the best policy | New blog by Dustin Whitman

I have learned a lot in this course. I have found that if you are accurate and truthful about theschool when recruiting is the best way to meet the expectations of your potential students. It makes th...

Compliance is good | New discussion by Dustin Whitman

Even though I  am an experienced representative, it is always good to review the compliance policies to stay current and accurate when working with potential students.

Making sure all the pieces fit together | New discussion by Irene Petery

There are times when a person is facing too many obstacles to begin a program. I try to make sure they are clear as to what is expected of them from the school and be able to realistically fullfill th...

Ethics are our job! | New blog by Carol Buchwalter

Students trust us and we need to act with honesty and integrity.

THIS COURSE IS AWESOME | New blog by Jim Bucher

Very concise and informative. 

Make your students feel comfortable. | New comment by Betty Jay

I agree making the student feel more connected and at ease enhances the learning process .

Helpful information | New comment by Carla Thomas

Makes sure that you're doing the right things