Institutional excellence is a result of exemplary leadership. This group is for those currently serving in leadership roles or those who aspire to lead. Group members engage in self-awareness and self-reflection, and discuss the leadership skills necessary to maximize performance outcomes. Members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe. 

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Difference between Managers and Leaders | New comment by Edna Murugan

In LS101, Are you Managing or Leading, John Kotter said that "Managers focus on promoting stability.  Leaders press for change".   I also learned in this course that Meg Whitman,...

Learning/developing by teaching | New discussion by Kerry-Ann Baker

I have had the experience of remembering something more easily if I had a conversation about it. As an educator, I enjoy teaching because I learn so much from my students and is sometimes in awe of th...

Leadership | New discussion by Vaughan Greil

The stories about the principles are touching. They make me think about why i am a Teacher. Great stuff !

Leadership | New discussion by Vaughan Greil

I have been through leadership training in the past. I enjoyed this course because I coul do it at my own pace. 

Leadership vs. Management | New blog by kristi potter

Before taking this course I had the mindset of "manager" due to being in charge of faculty and students. When I took the self-assessment I was not surprised that I fell under "manager." However, after...

Level of Management | New discussion by Kenneth Reynolds

When hiring a manager, it is important not only to look at what the current level of supervision is.  In many cases, the position is in a state of growth so therefore it is important to ensure th...

Collect and Evaluate the Results | New blog by Kenneth Reynolds

I enjoyed this course immensely.  I many times have relied upon my own experience as a direction-finder in achieving my goals.  However I believe I could do even better if I make it a point ...

Great assessment | New blog by Natalia Ruiz Muniz

It is nice to know the difference and how both compliment each other to lead and manage successfully! 

Leadership Impact | New comment by Huisheng Xie

I always believed that the leader could lead the situation as long as he or she is a good and strong leader. Now after taking the course, I have had a better understanding how important each of three...

Great Learning Course | New blog by Rafael Quinonez

Great way to ID the difference in-between Leaders and Managers