The Developing a Strategic Mindset Performance Group is for dedicated career college professionals to come together to discuss challenges, solutions, trends and hot topics related to the development of a strategic mindset.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance.

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Solving problems in the workplace | New blog by William Hanrahan

It is very important to use all resources available to solve problems.

Framing the issue | New blog by Huisheng Xie

The best thing I have learnt from this course is that we need to do the more root cause analysis and ask why when we faces issues.

Group Energy in Meetings | New blog by Gregory Frank

In meetings, group energy should be harnessed to solve problems, such as, the major issue of maintaining good student attendance and punctuality, a problem that can be found in many classes at school.

Institutional barriers | New blog by Matthew Caron

I work within a large educational institution with decades of procedural stagnation ingrained in the system. The processes of Root Cause Assessment and group problem solving will be valuable in identi...

Strategic mindset | New blog by Cheryl Barker Sambrano

Great inside on how to generate the ideas without judgement was interesting.

Resolving Issues | New blog by danielle vidal

Whenever I feel my employees are not working together, I will collect the information regarding the root cause, research it, and address each employee individually so that both theirs needs are met. A...

YES | New blog by Kari Fuller

These are such good reminders of ways to offer new ideas and solutions for things that come up. Also a great way to facilitate in the classroom!

Innovation & Creativity | New blog by Dana Bradshaw

This tutorial gives a lot of good information about fostering innovation and creativity in the workplace. Some things to remember: Ask open ended questions, Encourage creativity, Don't set harsh or ri...

Idea Generation | New blog by Michelle Hurd

I liked this tutorial because it gave several different ways of coming up with ideas using different creative processes.  I feel like I sometimes get stuck in the same old rut of following other ...

Navigating stress | New blog by Cathleen Pizzutello

Getting to the root cause of problems helps to aleviate future conflicts.