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My Action Plan | New blog by Alice Reybitz

Slow down and be sure to understand what is being asked of me.  I have noticed on second read, my first impression of the situation was kind of off.  By reading a secondtime I save a lot of ...


Staying Educated on New Stress Management and Health Topics | New comment by Tanya Stewart

I really appreciated the resources!! It's getting my wheels turning for what changes I'd like to implement in my workplace. Thank you!!

Great Topic | New discussion by Marietta Carter-Narcisse

This is a great cls.  goal setting is so very important to individual success and overall team success.

school closing | New comment by Frances Heaston

I recently went through a school closing. It so important that you effectively help the students that are there and see them to completion. There are great things ahead of you stay positive and...

Prioritizing | New blog by Frances Heaston

There were many tips that I found effective. The most important one is daily looking at your priorities and helping others manage their time to have a better work life balance. It was also a gre...

Managing your work | New blog by William Hanrahan

Getting to know your boss and what is expected of you is very important and will help you succeed at your job.

Be honest with self evaluation | New blog by William Hanrahan

This tutorial makes sence in that when evaluating yourself sometimes I will underevaluate myself but when I think about it this practice has probly held me back from ebtter positions in the workplace....

Dealing with job stress | New blog by William Hanrahan

Dealing with the people on the job gives the most stress and the best way I have found to  deal with this is to show people respect and listen to them and keep your cool.

Setting a good example in the workplace goes far | New blog by William Hanrahan

I have learned that setting a good example and having good work ethics goes far in the work place.

Growth and Development | New blog by Adrian Rios

Hello, In reflecting my skills and abilities, I see that I have much more to learn as a manager and will use this tool to sharpen my skills to enhance my managerial skills for my department's growth ...