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Plans. | New comment by William Hanrahan

Nonverbal communication is important but sometimes it can give the wrong measage.


Plans. | New blog by Yadira Romero

Reconignize the importance to the using the nonverbal communicattion an my job. 


Writing for results co102 | New blog by William Hanrahan

When writing memos and letters make sure the reader understands what you are saying and be short and to the point.


CO 107 | New blog by Richard Entinger

Makes you realize the importance of listening properly.  Rick Entinger


Critisism | New blog by William Hanrahan

It is both helpful and makes you a better employee to accept critisism gracefuly.

My Reflection and Action Plan | New blog by Yvonne Cadiz

  My action plan includes four areas:   1. Classroom Environment- My plan is to make sure that I create an optimal language envrionment for my ELL students. I will make sure that student f...

A need for more coaching instead of mentoring | New discussion by Yvonne Cadiz

After completing this training, I have realized that as Managers, it is very necessary to do more informal and formal coaching. Many times we try to provide mentoring strategies but neglect following ...

Comunicating skills | New comment by Teresa Thompson

The well prepared you are the better your presentation will be.  It is very important to have your thoughts together to ensure a smooth transition in the class.

Feedback | New blog by Phyllis Beaty

As  the training manage, I will have new employees take these assessments as part of their orientation process.

Comunicating skills | New blog by Alejandro Jewett

very good tool for comuniv\cations skill for our eviroment