The Leading with Influence Performance Group is for dedicated career college professionals to come together to discuss challenges, solutions, trends and hot topics related to leading and managing teams.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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asking team questions | New discussion by DaleAnne Haws

would it be ok to ask a team a question, but individually?

Interim Campus Director | New comment by Jeniffer Sanabria

Hello,    How have you seen your growth at this new leadership position?

Winds of Change | New discussion by Jeniffer Sanabria

Although I have years working in a leadership position, due to implementation of new changes and processes, I thought it was pertinent to strip myself from any preconceptions on what I have practiced ...

A new team? | New comment by Todd McDaniel

From my experience, when it becomes clear that the team you currently have is not working effectively. It may not requre all new members, but a simple reshuffling of duties may be all that is needed,...

Being assertive | New blog by Jennifer Mcdaniel

Being assertive in your managment style is a must, it is important to let your employees have a voice but I need to give clear direction.

Leading with influence | New blog by Dianne Ake

I think that this is a good way to look and reflect on what you are doing as a leader.  Taking the new knowledge and add them to your tool box.  Growth is necessary in leadership

SU101 | New blog by Peggy Gunther

I have taken this type of on line course before , great review .My action plan will be to re-evaluate my management style to ensure effective leadership.The best practice I would recommend is to look ...

Leadership | New blog by Amy Krueger

Knowing how to control emotions is something that can be challenging.  Even though at times you may be upset you need to maintain a professional demeanor at all times.  Your staff is easily ...

active Listening | New discussion by John Bart

What is the difference between referring back to points colleagues made earlier, and build on those points and encouraging people to restate the reasons behind their opinions if other team members exp...

A new team? | New discussion by Michael Donodeo

When is it time to just create a new team?