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Fun times | New discussion by Anthony Turner

This was interesting

Beat the clock | New comment by Kathy Grice

I recently used beat the clock for students learning several cardiac medications. There were two back to back quizzes on cardiac medications, one focused on how the different names matched up, the...

Sharing ideas | New comment by Jean Erickson

I love this idea. One time I was going to make up little cards of some guidelines I keep in my pocket that I refer to frequently and seem to never keep in memory no matter how many times I memorize...

PowerPoint teaching versus Lecturing from book | New comment by Jean Erickson

Reply to Sandra Rosenberg's post: Whan I was working on my bachelors many instructors used power points with lecture. We had copies of the power points and could folloe along and make notes - it cut...

Soft Skills | New blog by lisa anthony

Soft skills are transferrable skills. so they can be used in many differennt types of jobs. They are personal qualities and attitudes that can help you to work well with others and make a postitive co...

Team Building AND Learning | New discussion by lisa anthony

When I see that my class is losing energy and motivation, and morale is beginning to drop, this is when I implement team building strategies and learning activities ( a few of which have been describe...

note | New blog by Alexis Berta

Try to show students I care more ask them who influnced them

Successes | New blog by Audrey Chavarria

I had students discussing in a circle and they interacted and had fun!

Sharing ideas | New blog by Michelle Fischer-Katzakian

I plan to have each of my students write one thing they would like to be reminded of on what they have learned in my class.  After graduation I will email their one responce.

Secret Identity Game | New discussion by Jessica Bogosian

I love the idea of the secret identity game! It seems like a great way to get the studnts involved with eachother and to introduce the power of open ended questions.