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Twitter | New discussion by Jeanne Ramos, RDH, BS

I would love suggestions on how to incoroporate Twitter into the classroom.  I am not that familiar with it but I know my students talk about it all the time.

Concerns about the Digital Trail | New discussion by Lynn Beegle

I finished the third section of ED119, where the course introduces educators to several methods of collaborating and communicating with students, including Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. I have several...

TEHCNOLOGY | New discussion by Matthew Lokai

I have always made the comment a cell phone is a great tool but a terrible toy.I believe that if we are to embrace using technology then we should be trained in the uses before the problems occur.&nbs...

Edmodo | New blog by Antonieta Banuelos

I have been using edmodo for my class and it has proven effective in the classroom. I post their assignments and grades in here and they are able to access their homework through here. It is accessibl...

Threaded Discussions | New comment by Frank Glass

We have the same problem. If the activity does not carry some type of point value towards a grade, no matter how important or valuable the information the students will not particapate. They only see...

DEVICE | New discussion by Carolyn Queen

Sometimes BYOD does not work in class. I see students competing with each other to see who has the fanciest device.

Awesome!!!! | New blog by TRAYE LOCKHART EL

Much knowledged was learned.

Latest technology | New blog by Sharlyn Mills

I've learned a great deal from this course. It was quite informative and i want to start engaging more of the technology that I've just learned.

Class games | New comment by Sherwin Imperio

I enjoy Kahoot, but not the limited text for the free version. It really does engage students.

Education Benefits | New discussion by Patricia Harris

Training I feel is key when learning a new lesson plan.