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Constructivism | New comment by Pamela Chapman

Yes relating every day experiences carries a lot of weight.  Students can sometimes remember an example and this helps them with retention of the material.

Enhancing motivation among younger/VS/more adult-mature students | New discussion by JIM TANG

I try almost everything on the book to motivate younger inmature students! I used intrinsic, extrinsic motivators! what else, can I use to implement and increase their motivation! In the other ha...

Adult Learners | New discussion by Linda Ridenhour

Excellent topic

Keep them Engaged! | New comment by JIM TANG

I totally agree with you, these structures are the key for students success and engage the students to keep them motivated in order to focus, and finish their assigmemts!

Reviewing for a quiz | New comment by Vera Hall

I agree that it is better when everyone is doing the same thing. I have used Classroom Fued for review.  They help each other and when they don't get it I can help

Retention | New blog by Vera Hall

I have found that when students feel that there will be encouragement at school, they will work hard to be at school.  I mean call the situation they are dealing with what it is and showing ...

Enhancing | New blog by Kimberly Little

Some of the key things I learned is to capure the students attention, which is always great. You have to engaged your students so they will learn and retain.

Making Learning Enjoyable | New comment by Gregory Reeves

I definitely use an approach like that. Since our classes are every other day, asking what they learned in the last session not only gives them a chance to share what they know but it gives a great...

Reflection | New blog by Patti Wentz

This was a great learning activity for keeping students engaged and motivated.  It also brought key points for keeping myself focused and motivated.  I will use these strategies moving forwa...

What is the right balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivations? | New discussion by Omid Parto

Research has shown that athletes who have the best motivational outcomes, such as persistence, a positive attitude, and unflinching concentration, tend to be both extrinsically and intrinsically motiv...