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Preparation is | New blog by Jeffrey Weber

the key to a successful class.


ED 125 | New blog by Eduardo Mariano

Being in simulation, I can incorporate an "opening" briefing activity to captivate students' early interest. We can engage in guided- discussions followed by the sim scenarios to help cement nursing c...


Improving the Instruction style | New blog by Lorena Samuel

This is Lorena Samuel, Business Instructor, I often find myself exploring the many options to improve my instructional style... what would make this class better? How can i instruct this class in a wa...


Simulation Class | New discussion by Eduardo Mariano

In simulation, we usually start with a briefing followed by the simulated activities and, finally, end with a debriefing process. This more or less follows the "Tell - Teach - Repeat the lesson" instr...


Questioning | New blog by Esther Montoya

I plan to include more Socratic type of questions and allow more time for a response from students.


Adapting learning styles | New discussion by Esther Montoya

Is there an optimal and realistic amount of % of each style that should be used in each course? Are there some subjects where a type of learning is not feasible?

opening question | New comment by Betty Jay

I agree and it put students at ease with the flow of the class, and it destresses the class.

opening question | New discussion by David Poppo

I have always felt that your opening question is the icebreaker and set the tone of the class.  It also lets them know who you are as a teacher

Productive online learning training | New blog by kendall griffith

My comment at this time, will be short and brief. My personal feelings regarding the online training are very helpful tools for teaching, especially for new instructor and for veteran instructors...

What I Learned manageing class And Students | New blog by Joanne Mask

I learned that being an instructor is rewarding. I get a chance to give back to the community, and share my life experiences in the work field , by shareing my skills and letting them know we all make...