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How to teach more effectively | New blog by Roshmi Mishra

I have been teaching for 20 years. Much that was in this training I have been exposed to. It was nice to see that I have used best practices in the past. I will be sure to "chunk" my teaching into no ...


A good resource for direction | New blog by Jerry Allen

I gave me insight on how to implement the information and guidelines as well as on how to combine experience and with both information and guidelines to create a more versatile approach.


Great course! | New blog by Craig Rogers

This course procided some interesting perspectives in the field of teaching a class and helping to be prepared as an instructor.


Reflection and Action Plan | New blog by Janessa Shelton

I learned a lot from this course about different teaching styles and instructional development. I also got reassurance about my lecture times. I will implement new methods I learned in this course to ...


Effective Teaching Strategies | New blog by Maria Maldonado

This lesson is very well presented the effective and has great information to utilize in classroom setting. I enjoyed watching the videos, found them very useful.


Effective and efficient Instructional strategies | New discussion by Neelam Jain

This lesson is very well presented the effective initiating begginning and ending the class,questioning and making effective test questions and ub=nderstnding how it affects the students of todays tec...

The Flipped Classroom | New comment by Jean Erickson

Nursing has definitely taken notice of the overwhelming amount of knowledge we are teaching. The Conceptual Learning Model is an answer. In it the nurse will learn ther concept sucvh as oxygenation...

The Flipped Classroom | New blog by Laurie Petralia

Definietly food for thought, plan to integrate some of what was learned into the traditional classroom setting.  I struggle at times with the amount of information required for the students to kn...

flipped classroom | New blog by Neelam Jain

We grew up in the traditional classroom teaching methods.We have been able to adapt technology in our taching.Flipped classroom looks like a great revolution in this chNGING eRA.i AM VERY IMPRESSESDAl...

Teaching styles | New blog by Thomas Ramirez Jr

i plan to implement a variety of teaching styles to address as many learning styles possible. keeping the class exciting and the attention of the students. written auditory visualization Tactile