Delivering instructional content that is understandable by students and increases their knowledge is the goal of educators.  Knowing what are the best ways to assess the learning of students should be a high priority of educators as well. This group is for educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Active Learning Strategies | New blog by Toya Green

This course was very effective in introducing terminology and examples of different active learning strategies. I appreciate the discussion of high vs low-risk activities and impact of active learning...


How to start a turbine engine | New comment by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Dear Donald, Is your post related to any of the topics that are discussed here, which I assume are related to enhancing studnet learning and techniques that facilitate it?


How to start a turbine engine | New discussion by Donald Matthews

Turn on battery switch. Test fire warning for apu and main engines Start apu, allow to stabilize. Provide bleed air from apu. Engage engine start switch, monitor N1 assure it is turning, check oil ...


Active learning course outcome | New blog by Esther Montoya

I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it is very relative to the instruction we provide at our institution. Much of the material presented is applicable to what I do in simulation. One technique I plan ...


Some qualifications to the lesson--and hesitation about this material | New comment by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Dear David,

That is absolutely true. Students in most cases avoid things in the course materilas, for two main reasons: one, they do not believe the things they are learning probably may no...


Some qualifications to the lesson--and hesitation about this material | New blog by David Freed

Providing a safe environment for students who are selfish, social creatures, can run counter-productively. They can see care as weakness, and they can be very manipulative in their efforts to avoid th...

Actions Plan for the beginners | New blog by Starmieka Wright

my Action plan is to enagegd my students in daily activites in the hair indusrty .Bringing in current news and styels in our industry this will keep them motivated on why they choose the field of inte...

Reflection and Action Plan | New blog by Richard Mestas

Effective planning in education leads to student success.   At IntelliTec, we are impacting the communities we serve by building a skilled workforce that will contribute to local economies.&...

Soft Skills | New blog by Richard Mestas

Soft Skills are an important component to what we provide Intellitec students.  We want to make sure that they have the ability to be professional by showing up on time, communicating effectively...

Take it to your class | New blog by Danny Henson

Once you have assessed your audience, use your own experiences to make information interesting and applicable in order to hold their attention which will increase their efforts.