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Keeping it interesting | New comment by Richard Ullery

Keeping it interesting and at least a little challenging will keep the students engaged. They will also look toward you as a steering component of the class and a good lesson plan will let them see...

Power Point | New comment by Vera Hall

  I like to use PowerPoint because it gives you a visual that can be explained while pointing at the object of conversation to  get away from all of the paper.  However, if I think...

Keeping it interesting | New blog by Franklin Rodriguez

Im not sure if this a proper share, i just think the most dificult part is to keep it interesting for the learners.   Id appreciate suggestions =)

Lesson Plans | New comment by aghyad kanafani

lots of helpful information . thank you

Lesson Plans | New discussion by Denise Marquette

I need to assess what works and what did not for the next time I teach this course.  

Power point note taking without printing so much paper | New discussion by Tina Der Torossian

Does anyone have experience with giving a "paper free" power point lecture ? I knwo the students need to make notes in the sidelines. Is there a way to give them access to the slides by download then ...

Relate to your students | New blog by Ben Sigel

I try to share my background and experiences with my students so they can learn from and appreciate them.

Success | New comment by Faisal Hikmatjo

You should have a good Instructional plan.

making objectives relevant | New discussion by jen spector

what do others use to connect with students?

Technology | New blog by Vaughan Greil

I have found that using more technolgy for my class has helped the students collect a wider variety of information about the course than the class time limit could ever provide.