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Lesson Planning

Instructors work hard at preparation prior to class and this effort pays off with enhanced student engagement and learning.  Often though in the process of this planning instructors focus more on... >>>

Service Learning as a Teaching Tool

Many career colleges are making service learning a part of their curriculum.  Service learning is not new but it still is not known by a lot of colleges and students.  Service learning is... >>>

Guest Speakers as Motivators

Guest speakers and field trips have been a part of instruction since the beginning of time.  In a previous blog I covered benefits of using field trips to reinforce what is being taught and in... >>>

Use Role Playing as a Teaching Tool

Role playing can be a valuable teaching resource for you to use with your students because are going to need to know how to fulfill the role of the career professional they are training to be. ... >>>

Create a Check List

Check lists are used in all areas of our lives, be they on paper or on an electronic device.  With all the pressures and challenges of being an educator it is easy to overlook an important... >>>

Using Teams as Learning Tools

Many instructors put students into groups to work on projects, discuss topics and get to know each other better.  All of these outcomes are good but in order for teams to really be effective the... >>>

Handwriting as a Learning Tool

A recent study completed by Dr. Karin James, assistant professor in the department of psychological and brain sciences at Indiana University revealed the followed advantages of developing good... >>>

Field Trips Seal the Deal

Remember your elementary school days when you were so excited when the teacher announced that you all would be going on a field trip the next day.  She or he share where the class was going to go... >>>

Blending Generations

In today's career college classroom it is not uncommon to have a range of students in ages from 18 to 80 or beyond.  This wide range of ages can present a challenge in terms of trying to relate... >>>

Fear of Failure

Students, no matter their backgrounds, age or experiences are nervous the first time the class meets and for many of them they have a fear of failure.  When they enter a new class they want to... >>>