January 2012

Great course

This is a great and should be required for new teachers. This course would save alot of time and... >>>

What type of teacher are you?

I really enjoyed this class becuase it helped me realize what type of instructor I am. I am a cross between a buddy and a guide; it depends on the class. I really notice in the classes where my buddy... >>>

Awesome course!

I really enjoyed the information shared in the course I like the video clips from the Harvard professors and the group discussion forums! Thanks so... >>>

Good Course Content

Martin Osborne January 30, 2012

Great course; it reaffirmed what I already have been... >>>

Good course

Jonathan Bird January 27, 2012

I enjoyed this course as well. I really appreciate the media clips from the Harvard professors. Very insightful. Could have more.
Thank... >>>

Great Course

Guy Caldwell January 26, 2012

I really enjoyed this course. Found alot of helpful info to start in my... >>>

Good information

This course provided really good information. I learned alot. Thank... >>>

ED 103

Laxmi Gupta January 25, 2012

This course is very informative and helpful.I learnt a lot as course progresses.Some of the questions and answers we use in our daily... >>>


i think this course is really interesting and helpfull for all instructor and specially for me that i'm in my iniatial time of my career as instructur, thank for the... >>>

Open Forum

Philip Schauer January 23, 2012

As always, it is a pleasure to have resources such as those provided by MaxKnowledge to have an open Forum to utilize the groups past and current ideas that may benefit my... >>>