December 2011

Things I appreciated about ED106

I think the course provided a good overall outline of how to become a more engaging instructor. The sections addressing eye contact and floating around the classroom were especially helpful as they... >>>


Irby Hunter December 31, 2011

I will focus on cognitive, social, and psychomotor learning in all classes moving forward.  I will apply this to surgical section CPT coding by theory based discussion on surgical guidelines and... >>>

Good Information

Roxsie Doskey December 30, 2011

I just completed ED102 I really enjoyed it. It gave me a lot of good information. I really feel that I learned somethings that I did not know. It was a great course and very helpful and... >>>

Harvard Business School

Michelle Love December 30, 2011

I really enjoy watching the Harvard Businesss School clips/tips. They're both entertaining and... >>>

EL104 - Good course to review online needs

Mary Mules December 30, 2011

Thought this course was well written and summarized all the stress that a student can potentially experience while taking an online course. Now add home life and work to that mix!

Road blocks can... >>>

Worth it.

Great information.  Worth the time it takes to get through... >>>

Stress Free Course

Dana Nagy December 30, 2011

I enjoyed this course. It helped me realize stress can come from many different factors, but not all of them are necessary. There are ways to eliminate stressors and reduce them. The tips for healthy... >>>

Effective Course

Isaac Teeple December 30, 2011

I found this training to be effective in that I now have a better understanding of the techniques used to be an effective... >>>


Qiana Moultrey December 30, 2011

This course was very informative. It helped me to understand what testing should really be... >>>

Loved the course

Heather Kraabel December 30, 2011

I learned quite a bit from the information presented in this class.  In fact, I copied and saved many different tips that I will use in my next class.  I especially liked the videos from... >>>